Why Quality Matters

With so many ultra cheap products available at every big box store or grocery store supplement aisle, one might wonder- why bother with a premium level product when a cheap tub of vitamins is available for less?

Like many things in life, it isn’t what you pay, it’s what you get.  Sure, there are products available for less money, but once you look at the actual value of that cheap product… you realize it’s worthless, and now you’ve spent money on nothing.

You choose supplements to get results.  Getting results requires a certain level of quality, below which you’re just wasting your money on something useless.

Those cheap supplements you see in the grocery store might have the same name, but they aren’t the same product.  Cheap fish oils are notorious for poor quality control; unfiltered fish oils are full of dangerous contaminants like mercury and dioxin, and low grade fish oils usually consist of 30% or less active ingredients.

Compare that to Healthy Andy brand fish oils, which use the most sophisticated filtering technology available to ensure safety.  And our fish oils are 70% active ingredients, the highest percentage commercially available.

Or how about multivitamins?  You can get cheap hard tablets practically by the bucket at Target or Walmart.  But hard tablets don’t break down in the digestive tract very well… in fact, they often show up on Xrays of the abdomen, passing through the gut untouched.  Thousands of pounds of undigested hard tablets clog up the screens of sewage treatment plants across the USA each year: evidence that cheap vitamins aren’t delivering anything at all, but just passing through the body uselessly.

Even those cheap vitamins that do break down often don’t deliver much in the way of value.  Multivitamins are made up of base ingredients, just like baking a cake, except instead of sugar and flour and eggs, there’s Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and so on.  And just like you can make a cake with cheap ingredients or quality ingredients, you can make a multivitamin with cheap base vitamins or quality base vitamins.

The cheap base vitamins are usually sourced from China and are synthetic knock-offs that are close to the real thing, but not well absorbed by the body.  Quality base ingredients are considerably more expensive to use in production, but they are of a chemical structure that most closely resembles what your body is used to absorbing from food.

The bottom line?  Cheap ingredients are often poorly digested, if at all.  Quality ingredients actually deliver the results that you actually purchased the vitamins for in the first place.  So don’t be fooled by high RDA percentages on the label of a cheap tub of vitamins… odds are, your body will get little to none of what you’re buying.

So there’s the difference.  Spend a little bit of money, and get zero results, or a little bit more, and actually get the results you’re paying for.  And really, the difference in magnitude of cost is not that considerable.  You can get our top quality fish oils and multivitamins each month with our subscription service at about a dollar a day.  That’s it.  A dollar a day.

Is that more than the super cheap tub of vitamins at your local big box store?  Sure.  But considering that those cheap products are just about worthless, it seems clear that paying what is still a small amount of money (can you even buy a coffee for a dollar a day anymore?), in order to get a dramatically higher level of quality, is the only sensible option.