Why Choose Healthy Andy?

So why buy Healthy Andy supplements instead of another brand?  Fair question.  The answer is simple.  Purity and price.

We offer the highest quality supplements available at a price that is substantially lower than comparable products offered by our competitors.  Let’s take a look at our two most popular products, our fish oils and our chewable multivitamin, as examples:

Fish Oils:  Purity And Potency

When choosing which fish oils are the best for you, there are two major factors involved.  Are they filtered for safety, and just how much active ingredients are you getting?

First, the fish oils have to be filtered for all those nasty pollutants in the ocean, like mercury and dioxin, that end up getting concentrated in those little fishies we squeeze for our fish oil.  Healthy Andy brand fish oils are filtered using Molecular Distillation, the best process available.

Next, look at the actual amounts of EPA and DHA, the active ingredients in fish oil (they will be the only ones on the label).  EPA and DHA are why you take fish oil in the first place, but a lot of companies are sneaky.  Oh, they’ll tell you you’re getting 1000 mg of fish oil, but that’s just the capsule size.  Once you read the label, there might only be a total of 300 mg of EPA and DHA put together, or about 30% active ingredients!  30% is about standard for commercial grade fish oils.  Pharmaceutical or high-end fish oils are usually more like 50%.

Healthy Andy brand fish oils are a whopping 70% EPA and DHA– the highest purity available, and at a much lower price than most lower quality brands of fish oils!  Many of our competitors who are selling 50% pure products are pricing them at 30 or even 40 dollars for a month’s supply.  With Healthy Andy, you get a higher quality product at a lower price.


Chewable Multivitamin: Premium Quality Ingredients, Premium Quality Product

With a ton of cheap multivitamins choking the aisles of discount stores everywhere, what’s the Healthy Andy difference?  It comes down to two things: quality of ingredients and delivery system.

Most cheap, supermarket brands are made with synthetic, inferior base ingredients outsourced overseas (mostly to China or India). These ingredients have very poor quality control and are at risk of contamination or low potency. Vitamins made with these ingredients waste the buyer’s money by not delivering what the label promises.

Healthy Andy brand chewables are made with top quality, bioavailable ingredients in a facility that verifies potency and purity with independent, third party testing.  With Healthy Andy, you can trust that you really are getting what you pay for.

The chewable delivery system ensures that the tablet will actually break down in the digestive system and release those quality ingredients into the body. Hard tablets are notorious for not dissolving and passing through the system untouched, wasting your money and often causing nausea or other stomach complaints.  Healthy Andy chewables taste like a Sweet Tart and break down quickly in the body, delivering the high-quality nutrients you need in an effective dose.