High Quality. Affordable Price.  That’s Healthy Andy.

Healthy Andy began out of a desire to provide the best possible nutritional supplements, at what is still an affordable price.

Most of us take supplements without having any idea as to the actual quality or efficacy of those supplements.  Healthy Andy supplements are all backed by scientific research and are proven through long term clinical use.  We use only the top quality base ingredients in our made-in-the-USA products… no cheap synthetic knock-offs from China in our brand.. and our fish oils are subjected to the most rigorous filtering process available to ensure safety and purity.

All of this, because quality matters.  Buying cheap supplements from a discount store doesn’t do you much good when those supplements never dissolve in your body, are made with sub-standard ingredients of questionable quality, or never get absorbed into your body.  High quality supplements means you know you’ll actually get something for your money.

However, high quality doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in the poor house.  Healthy Andy is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most effective supplements, at a price that anybody can afford.

We also believe that an educated population is a healthy population, and as such, there are over a hundred free articles on our site on the topic of natural health (with more content constantly in development).